Energy Wellness Center

SOQI Wellness Center

Offering natural energy therapies and services including Aromatherapy,
Bach Flower Remedies, Detoxification, Chronic Pain Coaching and Support,
and Alternatives in Health and Beauty.

Energy Wellness Center is excited that you have given us an opportunity to help you with your health and wellness needs. Our goal is to help you to feel better, starting from the inside out. Achieving wellness is a journey and we are here to assist you with yours. Sharing our knowledge, products, and services with you is what we love to do!

Energy Wellness Center is not just another herb shop or vitamin shop. At our SOQI (pronounced so-key) Health and Wellness Center we offer many specialized services involving different forms of alternative energy healing and detoxification. The SOQI Bed with its Chi Machine Massage and Far Infrared HotHouse Dome with its Light Therapy is great for relaxation, detoxification, slimming, and natural chronic pain relief, which is how we first discovered it. The SOQI Bed is just one of the many services our center provides that makes us unique. At Energy Wellness Center we want to provide you with natural alternatives and wellness products that can and will assist you.

We offer many services including detoxification with the Aqua Chi Foot Bath or the SOQI Bed. Personalized Natural Health Consultations and Wellness Coaching. We also offer supplements, aromatherapy, and wellness products for purchase including AskMara Aroma Products, Nature’s Sunshine Vitamins and Herbs, Customized Bach Flower Remedies, and Water Filtration Products from Aquasana.  Mara is also a certified IN.FORM Coach and able to assist you with your weight management needs.

We are located in a cozy country setting in Decatur, Indiana just 20 minutes south of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Escape the busy life and come relax with Energy Wellness Center. We want to help you on your journey and reaching your goals of living a “Life of Health and Wellness Naturally”!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our ultimate goal is to help you, so feel free to ask any questions you might have about any of our products and services. Browse about our website and learn more about us.

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