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SOQI Wellness Products

Many of the natural health products we use in our wellness center are more affordable than you think. They can be purchased to be used at home for maintaining detoxification or overall well-being. You can view information on each of these products below or check out their respective pages for more information.

Detox Foot Bath

aqua chi foot bath TC5000The Aqua-Chi Foot Bath combines the properties of water with a bio-electric charge. This process can enhance and amplify the body’s ability to heal. The interaction of the charge can increase energy levels and aids in body detoxification. The bio-electric charge in the water creates Negative Ions similar to those found in hot springs and other naturally charged water sources. We have known for centuries how beneficial these water sources are for our bodies. The Aqua Chi Foot Bath is a great way to detox and enhance your body’s ability to eliminate toxins.

SOQI Natural Health Products | Motion Therapy


Sun Ancon Chi MachineThe Sun Ancon Chi Machine is a passive aerobic exerciser that offers a unique therapeutic movement massage. It is part of the SoQi Bed session and it is amazing and I have seen it benefit people of all ages and fitness levels. The Chi machine maximizes the movement of the body with its passive aerobic exercise. This movement helps to provide prompt temporary relief from minor muscle aches, pains, and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion. The relaxing movement of the Chi Machine causes your bronchioles to open up allowing you to take in more oxygen.

SOQI Natural Health Products | Electro Therapy

The Advanced Electro Reflex EnergizerElectro Reflexology Foot Massager is definitely not just another foot massager! It is based on reflexology and acupressure and helps the body restore balance. The Advanced ERE massages the accupressure points on the feet or hands to promote circulation and temporarily relieve muscle aches. Some experts feel that when the body experiences pain, an electrical resistance within the body has occurred. This resistance means that the electrical signals between our neurons (nerve cells) are suppressed. The use of the Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer may help restore the flow through these areas. Restoring the natural flow allows our body’s to remain open which can promote healing.


EPower MachineThe E Power Machine is also designed to provide Negative Potential Energy (Negative Ions) with High Frequency Energy (Resonance) using your body as the capacitor instead of water. It is a totally phenomenal machine that generates 70KHz of high frequency to create an internal energy to balance and revitalize you! Negative Potential Energy increases the permeability of cell membranes and enhances the composition of ATP. You can use the E-Power Machine alone or combine it with a collagen facial mask to rejuvenate your complexion. Remember, all living things require energy to thrive. The E-Power Machine is just the right energy source our bodies need!


SOQI Natural Health Products | Far Infrared / Thermal Therapy

HotHouse Portable Far Infrared Sauna DomeThe SOQI Ceramic Heater FIR Topical Warming Unit is a portable far infrared sauna dome! Far Infrared rays are the beneficial rays from the sun and penetrate deep into our bodies allowing us to maintain good health. Far Infrared Therapy is growing in popularity worldwide because of its many benefits. The FIR Topical Warming Unit is one of the simplest, most effective Far Infrared Portable Domes on the market today. It is the only dome on the market with a patented crystal lining amplifying its benefits. It is very warm and relaxing and improves circulation.


SoQi BedSOQI Bed (pronounced so-key), SO means solar, QI means Chi Life Force. A Perfect Combination for Natural Healing. The SOQI Bed offers a multi-energy approach to a “Total Health Management!” It provides the most natural energy (far infrared rays) necessary for our bodies to maintain health. The SOQI Bed provides ultimate relaxation in its unique spa like setting. Utilizing 3 SOQI FIR Heater Domes which cover almost the entire body and the unique massage from the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, the SOQI Bed enables you to “manage” your health. The SOQI Bed offers you a great way to reduce your daily stress along with many other healthy benefits associated with massage and far infrared therapy.