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We all know that drinking clean water is essential for good health. So how do we choose what type of water is the best water for us! What drinking water filters will give us the quality in our water that we need. Below is some information about the overall condition of our water. It also explains why you should consider at a minimum using drinking water filters or adding a home water purification system to your home. As an Aquasana Affiliate we offer Counter Top Drinking Water Filters, Shower Filters, or a Whole House Water Filtration System.

Healthy Water…
The #1 Ingredient For Healthful Longevity!

The following article was written by Charles Strand, author of the book “All About Water”, recipient of 17 U.S. patents for water purification technologies and President of Sun Water Systems, Inc who makes the Aquasana drinking water filters.

“The importance of “healthy water” and where to get it may very well be the most beneficial health information any of us can learn. The simple fact that our body is over 70% water, tells us how extremely important its quality is. Without an abundant intake of healthy, chemical free water, every other wellness effort is to a large degree in vain.

While every health and wellness expert will agree on the importance of “healthy water”, most have different opinions on its definition and source. The fact is that it’s no longer a matter of opinion. There’s now enough credible scientific data on the subject for a logical and reasonable conclusion. The healthiest water doesn’t come from your tap, doesn’t come in a bottle, it doesn’t come from distillation or reverse osmosis it comes from “selective filtration”.

All tap water in America contains trace levels of synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, parasites and/or chlorination byproducts that pose significant health risks. We can either filter out these poisons prior to consumption, or we force our body to become the filter. Many have switched to bottled water under the false assumption that its’ purity is assured to be better than tap. The truth is that bottled water is only required to be “as good as” tap not better. The Federal guidelines that govern bottled water quality only apply if it is transported across state lines. Most bottled water is bottled and sold within the same state in order to avoid regulation. It’s an industry built on deception. Bottled water is currently the fastest growing and most profitable segment of the entire beverage industry. “Companies that market bottled water as being safer than tap water are defrauding the American public.”US FDA

The old school of thought was that distilled and reverse osmosis water were the healthiest. This is also now known to be untrue. Both of these methods were designed over 40 years ago for industrial purposes, as they are “de-mineralizing” processes. Once you strip the trace minerals from water, the pH drops and the water becomes aggressive or acidic. Water by nature will always seek to balance its pH. If we consume de-mineralized water, it will pull minerals from our body, primarily calcium, to seek that balance. There are several very credible research reports and books that stress the more recent opinion that long-term consumption of de-mineralized water can in fact be dangerous. Dr. Zolton Rona; author of The Joy of Health, states that “the longer one consumes distilled water” the more likely the development of mineral deficiencies and an acid state.” Dr. Paavo Airola, cancer expert and author of “How to Get Well” and “Cancer – Causes; Prevention and Healing” also reports “long term consumption of distilled water eventually results in multiple mineral deficiencies.” Two very negative things happen when we consume water that has been stripped of its natural minerals.

First because de-mineralized water contains more hydrogen it is an acid with a pH below seven. Any time we consume an acid substance our body will pull minerals from our teeth and bones to produce bicarbonate in order to neutralize the acid.

Second it has been proven that when our body fluids become more acid than alkaline the production of free radicals increases causing increased cancer risks. Many studies suggest that cancer cells can only grow in an acid environment. This theory seems to be supported by the fact that around the world the areas where people live the longest most disease free lives are the areas that have the most alkaline water. Alkaline water has the highest mineral content. Neither of these processes are very effective at removing synthetic organic chemicals since all SOCs and VOCs are molecularly smaller and vaporize at lower temperatures than water.

The most recent and most effective technologies for truly healthy water are “selective filtration” systems that can distinguish between contaminants and trace minerals. They are also the most convenient, the most economical and produce the best tasting water.

“Home water filtration is no longer a luxury… it’s a necessity!”

drinking water filters counter top unit

Alkalized Water – My Experience

Water filtration products have been around for a long time. Currently there are ads on water filtration products and water pitchers you can use at home to filter out contaminants. There is also a lot about alkalized water and the many health benefits people have received from it. I was curious about alkalized water and recently attended a local meeting about it. The man presenting the alkalized water product did a demonstration and tested reverse osmosis water, various bottled waters, various sports drinks and various sodas. All the products tested among each group were from several different companies and all had an acid pH or a pH below 7.0. Soda was the most acidic drink tested. I was curious to see if my water from home using the Aquasana Counter Top Unit was also acidic. The man tested my water and it wasn’t acidic. My water from the Aquasana Counter Top Unit was the only water that tested neutral with a pH of 7.0!

The man conducting the seminar was very nice and gave everyone a gallon of alkalized water to take home. The water was good I thought and was very curious to see how long the water would stay that alkalized. The next morning I tested the alkalized water and its pH had dropped to 7.0. Seeing the drop in alkalinity left me feeling disappointed.  I am not saying that alkalized water doesn’t have significant health benefits. Just merely stating that the water from the alkalized system doesn’t stay alkalized for long. You also should consider that there are health risks when your body is too alkaline as well as too acidic. You need to make the decision on whether you want to purchase an alkalized water system It wasn’t for me. Besides, I feel they are expensive ($2,000 – $4,000). My current water filter from Aquasana leaves the water with a pH of 7.0. Alkalizing my can be done several other ways. Eating more green vegetables, fruit, or adding a lemon wedge or Liquid Chlorophyll to a glass of water.

Why we need Drinking Water Filters

Chlorine in Drinking Water

“There is increased evidence for an association between rectal, colon and bladder cancer and the consumption of chlorinated drinking water”, according to the President’s Council on Environmental Quality.

Why Use Chlorine? Chlorination is used extensively by municipal water treatment plants to disinfect water. However, the gaseous chlorine used by these plants is much too dangerous for home use. Household bleach (a 5.25% solution of sodium hypochlorite, is equivalent to 5% available chlorine) can be used for disinfecting drinking water. When chlorine is fed into water, it first reacts with any iron, manganese, or hydrogen sulfide that may be in the water. If any residual (un-reacted) chlorine remains it will next react with any organic material (including bacteria) present. In order to ensure that the water remains protected throughout the distribution system, an excess of chlorine, usually .5 parts per million (ppm) is added. In large systems. Chlorine will be added again at distribution junctions. This “rate of feed” is normally adjusted to make sure that sufficient chlorine is available to fully react with the organics present. When both the mineral and organic reactions have been completed, any residual chlorine remains in the drinking water. Most people find the taste of water with residual chlorine to be objectionable but they do get used to it! Chlorination kills many pathogenic bacteria (including those which cause typhoid, cholera and dysentery). However cyst-forming protozoa (Cryptosporidium), which cause amoebic dysentery, and giardiasis, are extremely resistant to chlorination.

So What’s the Problem? Chlorine as stated above is a very effective disinfectant and has been used in drinking water supplies for nearly 100 years. What concerns health officials are the chlorination by-products, “chlorinated hydrocarbons, known as trihalomethanes (THM’s).” Most THM’s are formed in drinking water when chlorine reacts with naturally occurring substances such as decomposing plant and animal materials. Risks for certain types of cancer are now being correlated to the use of chlorinated drinking water. Suspected carcinogens make the human body more vulnerable through repeated ingestion. Research indicates the incidents of cancer are 44% higher among those using chlorinated water.

To minimize the risks of using chlorine, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) adopted new regulations in November 1980, requiring cities to cut down the chlorination by-products in water to a level not exceeding 100 parts per billion. Dr. Robert Harris, an environmental scientist and one of the three members of the White House Advisory Council, said that while this new reduced level is a beginning, it still doesn’t provide proper safeguards and should be strengthened. Dr. Harris recommended that citizens find out the current levels of chlorinated by-products in their drinking water and if necessary buy bottled water or home purifying systems. Yet, there is little likelihood that the use of chlorine will be discontinued since it is currently the MOST ECONOMICALLY acceptable chemical for bacterial control at this time.

It is ironic that chlorination, the very process by which we cleanse our water of infectious organisms, can create cancer-causing substances from otherwise innocent chemicals in water. Cancers of the kidney, bladder and urinary tract are more common in certain cities than others. Why? New Orleans takes its tap water from the highly polluted Mississippi River and adds chlorine in excess of government standards to insure protection against infectious diseases. Approximately 63 new carcinogenic compounds are created in Mississippi drinking water when chlorine combines with methanol, carbon disulphide, and other substances.


For years, researchers have puzzled over the surprisingly high levels of aluminum that turn up in the shriveled brains of Alzheimer’s disease victims. While some scientists believe that the aluminum deposits are only a side effect of Alzheimer’s, a growing number of investigators say that aluminum may play a central role in causing the disease that afflicts mostly elderly people. Aluminum occurs naturally in some waters. However, it is also introduced as aluminum sulphate by some municipal water departments. This allows the water department  to remove fine particles, color and bacteria. Municipal water departments usually control the water to a slightly alkaline condition. A pH between 7 and 8. In alkaline conditions aluminum precipitates as fine solid particles, which are then filtered out by means of sand filters. However, sand filters become less efficient for particles as small as 4 to 5 microns and therefore fine particles slip through.

The latest evidence of a link emerged when Australian scientists reported that aluminum used to purify water accumulated in the brains of laboratory rats. The Australian study focused new interest on the issue at a time when Ottawa’s environmental health directorate is preparing to propose Canada’s first national guidelines for aluminum levels in drinking water. The Australian study was important, said the directorate’s chief, Dr. Barry Thomas, because it showed that aluminum in drinking water can be absorbed by the body. “As to whether it actually causes memory loss and brain damage,” added Thomas, “there is not conclusive evidence. But we fear that it may.”‘ Although tiny amounts of aluminum are used in a variety of products, including antacids, antiperspirants, and some processed foods, the metal is pervasively present in drinking water. The reason: municipalities in Canada and other countries often use aluminum sulphate, or alum, to remove mineral particles from water in filtration plants, a process that leaves an aluminum residue in the water.

In the past, studies in Canada and other countries have pointed to links between aluminum and Alzheimer’s. University of Toronto researchers found in a 1991 study that they could slow the rate of deterioration in Alzheimer’s patients by treating them with a drug that removed some aluminum from their brains.

In a far-reaching study published in January (1995), William Forbes, a university of Waterloo gerontologist, demonstrated an apparent connection between mental impairment and aluminum in about 100 Ontario communities. In each community, researchers determined the amount of aluminum in the water supply. They then tested the mental state of people starting at the age of 45 and continuing over a period of 35 years. They concluded, said Forbes, that the risk of impaired mental functions was “almost 10 times higher in areas where the aluminum levels in drinking water were high.”

Since Doulton ceramic filter elements efficiently filter to less than 1 micron; they effectively remove most of the residual aluminum. 200ppb (parts per billion) is the maximum level likely to be encountered in our water supply. It is also the maximum allowable level stipulated by the EEC regulations but the recommended guide level is 50ppb.


Cysts – Real Pests in our Drinking Water – Cryptosporidium, “Beaver Fever”, Giardia Lambia.

This organic sporozoan, first described in 1907, wasn’t recognized as a cause of human illness until 1976. It is a protozoan parasite that can infect a variety of animals. In the environment, Cryptosporidium exists as a resilient, infectious, round oocyst about four to six microns in diameter. The cyst is a “suitcase” for the infectious material inside.

Cryptosporidium is widespread in the environment. Oocysts (cysts) have been found in rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs, sewage, and treated surface water. Once introduced to water, the oocyst can survive for weeks, even at low temperatures. The organism has been found in humans, cattle, sheep, swine, goats, cats, and dogs as well as deer, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, beavers, muskrats, rabbits and squirrels. Oocysts infecting certain species can infect another (referred to as cross-transmission). For example, organisms from domestic animals (cattle, dogs, eats, etc.) are able to infect humans. Conversely, organisms from humans can infect animals. Consequently, animals that typically reside in or around watersheds may serve as hosts to the cysts and continuous sources of infection. This is where the nickname “Beaver Fever” was born. Beavers carry the organisms and through their feces spread it throughout surface water supplies without becoming ill themselves. Moreover, infection can occur not only from drinking contaminated water but also from eating contaminated food and from exposure to fecally contaminated environmental surfaces.

When ingested, the Oocysts pass through the stomach into the small intestine. There the Oocysts split open, releasing sporozoites, which invade the cells lining the gastrointestinal tract. Infected cells lining the intestine appear normal, but their ability to absorb water and nutrients is severely impaired. The water and food ingested simply passes through the digestive system. Additional Oocysts are formed in the intestine. They either split open to release additional sporozoites to continue the infection or are excreted in the feces.

The Cryptosporidium infection causes an illness called cryptosporidiosis. After the Oocysts are ingested, the incubation period typically varies from two to 12 days with an average of seven days. Disease symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, occasional vomiting and low-grade fever.

The number of Oocysts that must be ingested to cause infection in humans is not conclusively known. Studies indicate that as few as ten and perhaps as many as 500 Oocysts are required to initiate infections in mammals. The infectious dose for humans is thought to be fewer than ten.

Cryptosporidiosis typically last 10 to 14 days. However, it may linger off and on for up to 30 days and infrequently can persist for extended periods. Children may be the most susceptible, particularly six year olds and under. A rapid cure for Cryptosporidiosis has not been found. Recovery depends on the patient’s overall health and immune system. The disease can be fatal for those who are already in a fragile state such as someone with AIDS or any other weakness to their immune system.

There are two varieties of the oocyst; (1) a sphere of about 4.5 micron in diameter and (2) an ellipse of about 7 x 5 micron. The thick walls of the Oocysts make it difficult, almost impractical, to kill with the UV systems in most domestic water treatment systems. Also, the cyst is much more difficult to kill using chlorine than normal coli form bacteria found in water supplies.

drinking water filters cartridgewater

Aquasana’s exclusive dual drinking water filters system uses a combination of carbon filtration, ion exchange and sub micron filtration. Allowing its system to produce truly healthy, great tasting water conveniently from your kitchen faucet. It filters out chlorine, lead, prescription drugs, pharmaceuticals, VOCs, MTBE and Cysts. It leaves in the natural trace minerals!

This patented twin cartridge drinking water filter installs in minutes. It can be used on most standard kitchen faucets. Provides up to 30 gallons an hour of ultra-filtered, high-quality water for drinking, cooking and adding to beverages. This unit includes filter housing, chrome faucet diverter, twin filter cartridge set and easy-to-follow instructions. The filter sets last approximately 6 months and filter 500 gallons of water.

Naturally healthy, great-tasting water at the touch of a button for less than 10¢ per gallon. No other product, at any price, has ever produced better results than Aquasana! Contaminant reduction capabilities for Aquasana products are third party tested and certified by the California Department of Public Health Services. I use this water at home and it works great for well water filtration as well! Undercounter adapter kits are also available. For those of you who don’t want to take up space on your kitchen counters.

Comparison Chart – Counter Top Drinking Water Filters

Performance Chart – Counter Top Drinking Water Filters

waterThe Aquasana Shower Filter uses patented filtration technology. This unique two-stage filter process takes out chlorine and balances the pH in Stage 1. Filtering out harmful VOCs and THMs is done in Stage 2.

Stage 1 removes chlorine and enhances pH balance with a natural copper/zinc mineral media called KDF-55D. The second filtration stage uses a carbonized coconut shell medium. This allows for the removal of synthetic chemicals, THMs and VOCs that vaporize from tap water. These VOC’s are inhaled or absorbed through the skin, potentially causing adverse health and cosmetic effects.

Anyone who swims in a chlorinated pool knows how chlorine robs moisture from your skin and hair. What most people don’t realize is that typically there is as much or more chlorine in tap water as there is in most swimming pools. Chlorine strips the natural protective oils from skin and hair, causing excess dryness. Without the harsh effects of chlorine, you’ll notice significant cosmetic benefits such as softer skin and softer hair in a week! Also, by removing chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water, now known to be a significant source of exposure to harmful VOCs and THMs, you eliminate health risks related to inhalation and skin absorption of these chemicals, offering tremendous benefits to people with skin conditions and respiratory issues.

This shower filtration system comes complete with the deluxe Niagara adjustable pressure shower head. Including the two-stage filter cartridge that lasts approximately 6 months, installs in minutes and provides healthy filtered water for showering.

Your shower water will feel better, and will be better for you! The result is the healthiest, most refreshing shower experience you’ll ever have … for only 23¢ a day!

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