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Aqua Chi Foot Bath An Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Spa or a Detoxification Foot Bath
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Lacking Energy and Worried about Toxins?

Everyone is subject to exposure of hundreds of toxins each day between environmental toxins, and additives and chemicals in our food and personal care items. These toxins build up in our bodies and can cause allergies and inflammation. No need for you to worry, rid your body of toxins with the Aqua Chi Detoxification Foot Bath.

The Aqua (water) Chi (energy) Foot Bath is a self contained, highly technically water detoxification system which utilizes negative ions (an ionic detox foot bath). The Aqua Chi Foot Bath is a detoxification foot bath that uses brass and stainless steel electrodes to cleanse, balance and enhance the bodies bio-energy. Bio-Energy is the electro-magnetic force that is stored within our bodies and creates the energy used by our cells. This bio-energy is what allows our cells to function. These complex energy fields permeate and realign the body’s energy fields while improving our oxygen levels. The Aqua Chi Detoxification Foot Bath is widely used to promote energy and stamina, while helping the body eliminate toxins.

Get rid of the toxins and pollution with this foot cleanse. When the body eliminates toxins many have noticed benefits including less body fluid retention, reduced inflammation, improved memory, a more balanced pH, a stronger immune system, and significant in offering natural chronic pain relief.

How the Aqua Chi Detox Ionic Foot Bath Works

The cleansing process of the Aqua Chi Detoxification Foot Bath can be seen through the reaction of the water. The Water, salt and metal in the unit interact with each other to produce ions. These ions neutralize everything they contact, including the toxins that are in the tap and filtered water we use. The process the Aqua Chi Ionic Foot Bath uses, results in the correct frequency required for cells to return to a healthy state allowing them to release toxins. In other words, this correct frequency makes our cells do what they are supposed to do, only better.

Water, having a most nearly perfect balance of positive and negative ions, and our bodies being composed of 70% water, makes the interaction of our bodies with water extremely high. When you immerse a body mass into water, the vibrational frequency of the water will affect the vibrational frequency of the body. This is due to the interaction of the electrical and magnetic fields.

The Body

The human body is electric mostly because our cells are electric. Disorders and diseases affect cells giving them a vibrational frequency that is not compatible with healthy cells. This frequency disrupts the cells’ natural oscillation and polarity creating imbalances and chaos within each affected cell. When cells are in an imbalanced state, they are unable to perform the body’s functions that are needed for healing. When cells are fully charged, they have more oxygen and nutrients and are able to experience an electrical balance. This balance increases our sense of awareness and allows are body to function more properly. With the many ionic foot baths on the market, we feel confident in our selection of the Aqua Chi Foot Bath.

 Aqua Chi Foot Cleanse and Bath

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The Color of the Water

Sometimes this interaction causes the water to change color. Depending on what type of water you are using, approximately 20-40%of what you see in the water actually comes from the water itself, and the remaining 60-80% comes from the body. The color of the water may indicate the degree in which your body needs to detoxify.

Having a foot cleanse is safe, painless and each treatment takes only about 35 minutes.


Users of the Aqua Chi Detox Ionic Foot Baths have found relief from:

  • Addictions
  • ADD and ADHD
  • Allergies / Sinus Congestion and Problems
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Autism
  • Chronic Pain
  • Diabetes
  • Headaches
  • Lethargy / Tiredness
  • Liver Problems
  • Migraines
  • Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Toxicity

35 Minute Session – $30.00
Please be advised that Appointments are Necessary

Precautions: The Aqua Chi Foot Bath should not be used if you have a pacemaker, any implanted electrical device, have had an organ implant, and are currently pregnant or nursing.

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