Chronic Pain Support Group

With Mara having Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and being a chronic pain patient, she wanted to give back so she became a facilitator and joined the American Chronic Pain Association. The Chronic Pain Support Group meets monthly. Please feel free to come and join us. There is no cost to attend this support group.

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For more information Contact Mara at (260) 724-2425 or the American Chronic Pain Association at (800) 533-3231.

Learn More About the American Chronic Pain Association.

What is the Chronic Pain Cycle?

Those who deal with chronic pain, should be aware of its cycle and understand its psychological effects.

1. The cycle generally begins with prolonged periods of rest and inactivity, causing a loss of physical strength, endurance, and flexibility. This may result in the beginning of a loss of confidence in your ability to do things and a lowering of your personal goals.

2. The inability to perform usual activities at home and/or work promotes you to feel frustrated and could lead to you feeling unproductive. This could possibly lower your self esteem further leading to depression.

3. During times when your pain is most tolerable, you may have the tendency to overexert yourself in an effort to prove to yourself and others that you can still do the same things you did before your chronic pain began.

4. As a result of this overexertion, the pain often returns more severe than before. This will leave you unable to finish tasks or accomplish goals. Feeling discouraged and in pain, you begin limiting your activities and the cycle begins again.

I know that this cycle was true for myself! If this cycle is true for you, recognize it and try to avoid repeating it!


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